About DIS

The Daniel Island School opened in August 2006 and currently serves over 1,100 students in grades K through 8.  The modern facility is approximately 190,000 square feet and offers the latest in technology and space utilization for students.


The Daniel Island School PTA

We invite you to join us as we focus on ways to better our school for everyone in it.  We are parents, working together to support our school, the administration, and teachers. Through our meetings, events and other activities, we create a sense of community with families and faculty.


Meet the Board

Lauren Barber/ Katie Carlson – Co-Presidents
Michelle Carlin – Vice President of Communication
Julie Trost – Vice President of Membership
Meghan MacKinnon- Vice President of Staff Engagement
Beth Sheppard- Treasurer
Courtney Oberly- Secretary


The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is a non-profit organization that supports Daniel Island School’s students, teachers, and community. Drop us a line if you have a question, concern, or idea.