Wow Us With Wellness Challenge

3rd Quarter 2019-20: January 13th- March 6th

“Encouraging Healthy Habits for DIS Students and Families”


#1 Do it – Participate!

Download the 2019-20 3rd Quarter Wow Us With Wellness Inspiration List and the Choose ONE Thing 2020 Challenge flyer.

The activities are organized into different aspects of wellness (nutrition, fitness, lifestyle/mindfulness) and we encourage you to try to complete at least one item from every category of the challenge.  Some activities are one-time events, but most are meant to be completed each week during the entire challenge period, i.e. building healthy habits! 

#2  Show off!  – Share your photos

Check on the current, Choose ONE Thing 2020 Photo Challenge and share by emailing digital photos to Nurse Cohen at or sending hard copies to your homeroom teacher, labeled “Attention Nurse Cohen”. Include name, grade, teacher for every student in the photo, as well as a description of the activity shown.

Stay tuned for new themed photo challenges throughout the year!

Photos will be displayed on the wellness bulletin board next to the PTA room in the E hall.

#3 Win Prizes! – For positive reinforcement beyond better wellness 

Raffles will be held quarterly to recognize students who participate in the Photo Challenges.  Past raffle prizes have included RiverDogs baseball tickets, a free climb at Wild Blue Ropes, kinesthetic classroom equipment shared by the winners and their classmates, and more!

#4 Be Informed! – Check out our resources below or research your own


  • Drink Water – Click here to review the basics of why water drinking is so important for health.
  • Get involved in our very own Daniel Island School and Community Garden.  The next work day is Saturday September 21st, children welcome with adult supervision.  For more information about the DISCG, contact Julie Hughes at or find Daniel Island School andCommunity Garden on Facebook
  • Plan ahead – How to cook roasted vegetables for a whole week of healthy meals.
  • Try one of these healthy dips.  5 healthy dips that up your  lunch game.
  • Veggies for breakfast. 20 ways to each more veggies at breakfast.
  • Find fun ways to add healthy twists, like celebrating Dr. Seuss ‘ birthday with  Green Eggs and Ham.  Find more easy and delicious breakfast ideas here.
  • How to – plant a home vegetable garden from Clemson Extension (with regional planting dates).
  • Did your grandmother ever tell you to slow down and chew your food?  She was right!  Various experts recommend chewing your food up to 30 times before swallowing. Learn the basics of Mindful Eating.


Yoga, Mindfulness and More


Questions? Email Wellness Coordinator Andrea Jones at