Wow Us With Wellness Challenge

4th Quarter: April 1-May 17th

“Creating Healthy Habits for DIS Students and Families”

  • Download the 4th Quarter Challenge.
  • Complete 5 items on the challenge and 1 from each category.
  • Submit your participation checklist online at the end of the challenge – Deadline May 17th
  • Earn a prize for participating in the challenge!

Wow Us with Wellness Photo Gallery in Hall E

Share your photos! Are you planting a garden? Racing up the Cooper River Bridge? We want to know! Share photos (with a parent’s permission) of you and your family completing one or more of the challenge activities.

Please be mindful if there are multiple children in the photo that you have permission from all the parents to share!

Email digital photos to Nurse Cohen at or send hard copies to your homeroom teacher, labeled “Attention Nurse Cohen”. Include name, grade, teacher for every student in the photo, as well as a description of the activity shown.

More Wellness Ideas and Family Wellness Projects


  • Plan ahead – How to cook roasted vegetables for a whole week of healthy meals.
  • Try one of these healthy dips.  5 healthy dips that qualify as lunch.
  • Veggies for breakfast. 20 ways to each more veggies at breakfast.
  • How to make Green Eggs and Ham.  Find more easy and delicious breakfast ideas here.
  • How to – plant a home vegetable garden from Clemson Extension (with regional planting dates).
  • Did your grandmother ever tell you to slow down and chew your food?  She was right!  Various experts recommend chewing your food up to 30 times before swallowing. Learn the basics of Mindful Eating.
  • Drink Water – Click here to review the basics of why water drinking is so important for health.


Yoga, Mindfulness and More

Prizes and Awards


Chinese jump ropes, glow sticks, & tickets to a Riverdogs Baseball game.

2017-2018 – 2nd Quarter

Participants were able to “shop” for kinesthetic classroom equipment like wobble cushions, balance balls and chair bands, and were recognized for their commitment to good health.  The equipment was shared by the winners and their classmates.  We even had one generous middle school winner who donated her prize to an elementary classroom.

Questions? Email Wellness Coordinator Andrea Jones at