Wow Us With Wellness Challenge

Current Challenge Quarter Specifics

This is the last week of the 2nd quarter Wow Us With Wellness challenge period – keep up the good work!  **Click here to log your 2nd quarter Wow Us With Wellness participation** Please note that this link will only be active through Friday, December 14th. 

Scroll down for resources, background and other helpful information, including more info on the WELLthy and Thankful photo contest see “Special to Q2” under the Resources heading below.

Wow Us With Wellness Challenge – Background

The DIS Wellness Committee developed this challenge as part of our participation in the The Boeing Center for Children’s Wellness School Wellness Checklist (“SWC” Contest).  We hope it will encourage students and their families to make healthy choices in their day-to-day lives.  Some students may already engage in most of the challenge items as part of their family’s lifestyle, others may find that the challenge offers an opportunity to try several new things, and still others will fall somewhere in the middle.  We want to recognize all of these students (and families) and encourage anyone who participates to try something new.

What’s the Difference between the School Wellness Checklist and the Wow Us With Wellness Challenge?

How To Participate

  1. Complete at least 5 activities from the Wow Us With Wellness Q2 2018 Reference List.  The activities are loosely organized into different aspects of wellness (nutrition, fitness, lifestyle/mindfulness) and we encourage you to try to complete at least one item from every category of the challenge.  Some activities are one-time events, but most are meant to be completed each week during the entire challenge period.
  2. Submit your information ONLINE when the submission link is posted on this page during the last week of the Challenge period.  The link will be available for approximately one week (dates will be specified at posting) for your submissions. 
  3. Share your photos!  Did you eat a new vegetable?  Run a race?  Try yoga for the first time?  We want to know!  Participate in our Wow Us With Wellness photo gallery by sharing photos (with a parent’s permission) of you and your family completing one or more of the challenge activities.  You can email digital photos to Nurse Cohen at, or send hard copies to your homeroom teacher, labeled “Attention Nurse Cohen”.  Students may submit one photo per week during the challenge period and should include their name, teacher’s name, grade level and activity depicted in the photo. The Wow Us with Wellness photo gallery is located on the bulletin board next to the PTA room in the E hall.  This is a great opportunity to inspire others and celebrate positive choices!  (Within each academic quarter we occasionally include extra photo contests – these are in addition to the weekly photo submission.)
  4.  Every student who completes the challenge and submits an entry online will receive a quarterly participation prize and the opportunity to win additional raffle prizes!  Incentives vary each Quarter, but all students who participate for the first time will receive a “Wow Us” zipper pull for their backpack.  Last year, raffle prizes included a gift card to Tri-Everything, Glo for it 5k entry, Peace Love Hip Hop swag, and a free climb at Wild Blue Ropes!


Check out the following resources for inspiration in various areas of the challenge.

     Special to Q2:

  • November is a month of Thanksgiving!  What’s a Gratitude Journal?
  • Think outside the toy box for this holiday gift giving season!  Get inspired with this great guide.
  • Within each academic quarter we occasionally include extra contests.  The 2nd quarter “WELLthy and Thankful” photo contest spotlights gratitude, one of our activities for this quarter.  This is an additional chance to submit photos, so show us that gratitude!! Here are the details:We are grateful for so many things this holiday season, not least of all our health and wellness.  The DIS Wellness Committee wants to know: what aspect of your family’s wellness are you most thankful for?  Finish the sentence “I(we) am(are) WELLthy and thankful for________________” on a dry erase board or blank paper.   Then take a photo of yourself (and family) representing what you are thankful for and holding the sign. Submit through your homeroom teacher or by email to Nurse Cohen  ( ).  Photos will be displayed on the Wow Us With Wellness photo gallery.  The grade level with the most photos submitted will earn their teachers a duty free lunch or kinesthetic classroom equipment!  Additionally, those who participate will be entered into a raffle for a cool prize to enjoy with family! Q2 Mini photo challenge has been extended until December 14th.

     What’s On Your Plate?

  • Plan ahead to include more vegetables during the all too busy work and school weeks.
  • Try one of these healthy dips.  Substitute ingredients as needed to accommodate your family’s dietary needs.
  • Challenge yourself to include veggies for breakfast.  For the littler crew, or Dr. Seuss fans of any age, try these fun Green Eggs and Ham.  Find more easy and delicious breakfast ideas here.
  • Get help planning a home vegetable garden from Clemson Extension (with regional planting dates).
  • Did your grandmother ever tell you to slow down and chew your food?  She was right!  Various experts recommend chewing your food up to 30 times before swallowing as an important part of the digestive process.
  • Click here for information on the topic of Mindful Eating.


  • Click here to review the basics of why water drinking is so important for health.

     Move More, Together!

      Yoga, Mindfulness and More

  • CosmicKids offers a collection of videos searchable by length, activity level, and categories including yoga, mindfulness, meditation, stories and dance.  Themes include Minecraft, Frozen, Star Wars, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and much more.
  • Read about some mindful breathing exercises.
  • Sleep More, Sleep Better – Check out this great sleep calculator that allows you to calculate recommendations by age and wake time. It also includes tips on setting healthy sleep routine.

     Some specific resources from past activities:

Spotlight on prior drawing rewards:

After the conclusion of each quarter we strive to recognize some of the students who’ve put in an especially great effort in the challenge.  Our winners from the 2nd Quarter of 2017-18 included those who participated in the 2nd Quarter of the Challenge and submitted photos of themselves completing challenge activities, as well as students randomly chosen from those who participated in both the 1st and 2nd Quarter of the Challenge.  Winners were able to “shop” for kinesthetic classroom equipment like wobble cushions, balance balls and chair bands, and were recognized for their commitment to good health.  The equipment was shared by the winners and their classmates.  We even had one generous middle school winner who donated her prize to an elementary classroom.


For more information about what the Wellness Committee is up to, click HERE or contact Courtenay Fisher at