The Daniel Island School PTA Wellness Committee will strive to provide opportunities for all members of the DIS community to make healthy lifestyle choices by supporting the adoption of habits and attitudes that contribute to their positive well-being.  

DIS PTA Wellness was officially added under the Programs umbrella prior to the 2017-18 school year and works in collaboration with the DIS Wellness Committee. Early initiatives have included:

*Wow Us With Wellness” Challenge*   *Wellness Wednesday tips*  *Walk/Bike to School events*  *On-site Farmer’s Markets with nutrition tips & garden lessons, cafeteria vegetable tastings*  *Water Drinking campaign (with student council)*  *Support of teacher led wellness-related opportunities like Leapin’ Lizards and Jump Rope For Heart*

**Click here for the DISPTA Wellness flyer that was included in Back to School packets.**

**Read about The Innumerable Benefits of School Programs That Support and Promote Student Wellness.**

MUSC Boeing Center For Children’s Wellness

Aside from generally supporting it’s mission, DIS PTA Wellness initiatives are geared towards bolstering DIS’s participation in the School Wellness Checklist Contest (“SWC Contest”) created and administered by the MUSC “Boeing Center” for Children’s Wellness. The Boeing Center works statewide to instill a culture of wellness “such that each child is healthy, succeeds in school and thrives in life”.  The SWC Contest is a means of tracking and measuring improvements in the school environment and is, “made up of evidence-based strategies and policies … [intended] … to impact the health of the school environment and reduce childhood obesity over time.”  

The SWC Contest groups activities into seven categories that represent different aspects of wellness and allow for lots of flexibility and creativity.  Participants must achieve a minimum number of points within each category, and a minimum number of points overall. Monetary awards are given based on total points accumulated.  Congrats to DIS for being the 2nd place finisher in Berkeley County for the 2017-18 school year and for achieving a second place ranking in the Middle School category for 2016-17!

So … What is the Wow Us With Wellness Challenge?

“Wow Us with Wellness” is a quarterly incentive program created by the DIS PTA Wellness Committee:

  1. as part of our participation in the SWC Contest (described above), and;
  2. to encourage students and their families to make healthy choices in their day-to-day lives.

We prepare our own short checklist for each academic quarter and participants are encouraged to engage in some of the listed activities.  Some students may already engage in most of the activities as part of their family’s lifestyle, others may find that the challenge offers an opportunity to try several new things, and still others will fall somewhere in the middle.  We want to recognize all of these students (and families) and encourage everyone who participates to try something new.

For more information about the Wow Us With Wellness Challenge, including the current Quarter’s activity list and instructions, and submission link when appropriate, click HERE.

Quarterly Farmers Markets

In collaboration with the Lowcountry Street Grocery mobile farmers’ market, the DIS Wellness Committee hosts a series of on-site markets.  Last year these events were known as “Music and a Market”.  This year look out for the market at various school events and take advantage of the opportunity to get a “taste” of what’s in season and sample some great, local specialties. As with our prior markets we’ll aim to provide a variety of fun, interactive add-ons to enhance the farmer’s market experience.

Wellness Wednesday Updates

Each Wednesday, the Wellness Committee provides a tip for the week on the DIS PTA Facebook page. We also provide Mrs. Brown with a corresponding Wellness Wednesday tip that she kindly includes in her morning announcements.  Click HERE to read the details about these tips.


For more information on the DIS Wellness Committee contact Courtenay Fisher at courtenay.fisher@yahoo.com.