Daniel Island School PTA

The mission of the Daniel Island School PTA is to organize efforts to support, enrich, and connect the DIS students, teachers, administration and community for the benefit of the overall educational experience.

New to DIS?

New to Daniel Island School?  We want to give you the inside scoop – from one parent to another.

Email PTA president Jill Shively at danielislandpta@gmail.com or Principal Kori Brown at brownkori@bcsdschools.net with further questions


What does the DIS PTA do for Daniel Island School?

We provide significant funding directly to the school to meet needs not covered by the district. In this school year $140,000 in PTA funds will be raised and used for salaries, teacher grants, STEAM and character programming, staff appreciation, and school-wide recycling. We also put on family programming like Grandparent Bingo (Sept 8, 6:30pm in the MPR) and the Middle School dance.

In years past the DIS PTA has provided the majority of books in the library, playground equipment, a majority of Chromebooks in the building as well as numerous teacher salaries for positions that would not otherwise be funded by Berkeley County.

Our goal is to bridge the financial gap so our school can be one of the best schools in our state.


How do you raise that money? How can I help?

Membership is the single best way to help. Visit dispta.org/join to get started with your membership. Join at the highest level your family feels comfortable. We also really need businesses to become school sponsors– your donation will help events and additional resources for classrooms possible. Other ways to help: collect Boxtops for Education from packaged foods/products, use Publix (found in DIS front office) and Harris Teeter VIC cards (must link annually).


Do I have to attend PTA Meetings? Can I be exempt from fundraising?

Membership does not require attendance at PTA meetings or volunteer. If you become a member we will use your donation to help DIS and you can choose how you’d like to be involved. If you join at the two highest levels of membership you are automatically exempt from ANY FURTHER PTA FUNDRAISING!


How can I be sure to get school and PTA communications?

Be sure your information is correct in PowerSchool by updating your information each year on infosnap.  Follow us on Facebook – Daniel Island School PTA and Daniel Island School Ospreys. All PTA members will automatically receive the PTA enewsletter communication. Students also receive Wednesday Folders each week that come home from teachers that include important information about events and items going on in the classroom and in the school. Last but not least, each classroom has a room parent, who is a volunteer, that will send periodic information via email to all classroom parents.


What else can I do?

Volunteer! Even a few hours makes all the difference at our PTA events and at the school.

Encourage your child to wear their DIS spiritwear on Fridays.

Also Like our Facebook page: Daniel Island School PTA and follow us on Instagram DIS_PTA.


How can I get school & PTA communication?

Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dispta.org and www.facebook.com/Daniel-Island-School-Ospreys-394786303931989.

All PTA members automatically receive PTA enewsletter communication.  If you are not a member and would like to receive communication, you can sign up for the PTA enewsletter here.
Students also receive Wednesday folders each week that come home from the teachers that include important information about events and items going on in the classroom and in the school.
Each class or homeroom has a room parent, who is a volunteer, that will send periodic information via email to all classroom parents.


What PTA events should we anticipate this year?

After the Back to School celebration is Grandparent Bingo (9/8, 6:30). In October our annual Rewined Fundraiser will return, selling locally made candles to parents. December 3rd is the 6th annual island-wide Island of Lights luminary event. Around Valentine’s Day our very popular Desserts with Dads evening continues. In May we will sponsor our Middle School dance.  We are hoping to host another middle school event in the fall if you’d like to get involved.  Contact us at danielislandpta@gmail.com or complete the Volunteer Interest Form at dispta.org/volunteer and indicate interest in middle school events.


What does the PTA do for Staff Appreciation? What are Staff Breakfasts?

Each month one grade level hosts a breakfast for all DIS staff, beginning with 7/8th grades in September and ending with Kindergarten in May. Parents will be asked to sign up via an online form to bring food to feed our teachers. Quarterly events and a full week in April are also planned and provided using your PTA funds. You don’t have to do anything for these except perhaps send in a flower or card to your teacher during Staff Appreciation week (instructions will be sent home in April). We do all the rest! If your business would like to sponsor one of the quarterly Staff events contact the PTA.


What are Spirit Fridays?

Each Friday kids wear any DIS shirt and random prizes are given out. We are also working on ways to receive prizes for wearing spiritwear outside school. Shirts may be purchased in the front office, but are also part of the benefits for certain levels of membership.


What is the Island of Lights Luminary Event held in December?

Island of Lights is a PTA sponsored fundraiser that engages the entire Daniel Island Community to kick off the holiday season. You may participate by purchasing pre-packaged bags of lights or becoming a member of the PTA the Silver level or higher. Information about purchasing luminaries will be available through the PTA enewsletter, Facebook page, and through school communications in November.


What is the school website?




What time do I really need to have my child at school?

Doors opens at 7:25am. A first bell rings at 7:40 telling your child to hustle, as the 7:45am bell is “be in your seat with backpack unpacked and ready to learn” time.


What are the pick up and drop off procedures?

Walkers and Bike Riders are encouraged to move safely and quickly off the property while car traffic is stopped. Parents are encouraged to ‘get and go’ so that they exit property before the cars begin to move. Note that K and 1st grade walkers/bikers exit the building about 5 minutes early at 2:40 each day. Also note, Walker A exit faces the public library (the K/1st hallway) and Walker B faces Purcell (closer to Smythe Park).

All car riders (K-8) should be dropped off in the front of the school. Adults will be present to assist with traffic flow and unloading of cars in both lanes. Car doors should remain closed in the outside lane until a staff member opens the door signifying a safe zone of unloading. The Faculty A and B lots should never be used as a drop-off point. Please do not remove the chains used in these lots. The back drive is used for buses only.

Parents, please discuss personal safety with your students. Although some crossing guards are present we cannot be responsible for areas that are not on school grounds. Please communicate the importance of adhering to your family’s safety plan for arriving and departing school each day.


What are Early Release days and what time are these dismissals?

Each month (except Aug, Dec, and May) students are dismissed early so teachers are able to participate in staff development. These dates: 9/27, 10/25, 11/29, 1/31, 2/28, 3/28, 4/25.  Dismissal time is 10:55am.


My child has a doctor’s appointment – what is the process to check students out early?

Students may not be checked out after 2:15.  Students will not be called until parent is in the office even if a note is sent.  When students are checked out, times are documented in PowerSchool.  The state has begun tracking missed instructional time for tardies and early outs.


My child is sick, or going to be absent from school? What do I need to do?

If your child is sick or going to be absent, please email your teacher and Adalia Porcher attendance office at porchera@bcsdschools.net. If your child misses school due to being sick, you can send in a note from your doctor with your child when they return to school.


Can I drop off forgotten homework or lunches?

Yes, but students will not be called in the classroom for forgotten lunches. If they can, the office staff will email the teacher.


My child rode their bike to school and it’s pouring down rain at pickup. Can I call the school?

Very rainy days are extremely hectic in the front office with parents calling to change pickup procedures. Help your child’s anxiety AND the front office staff and make a yearlong plan ahead of time for rainy days!


My student will be eating the cafeteria’s provided meals. How does that work?

You may add money to your child’s electronic account by going to the lunch page on the BCSD website, menus are available as well. Students may also bring cash or check in an envelope indicating its for the lunchroom with their name, grade, and teacher written on the envelope. Younger children will be guided through the line by their teacher and helped in making choices and payment. Every child will have a lunch number – please help your child learn his/her number.  You may ask your child’s teacher if you have questions.


May I come have lunch with my child?

Yes, many parents come for lunch each day. You will check in through the front office (show your ID) and go to the cafeteria to wait for your child. You and your child will sit at special parent tables on the right side of the cafeteria.


How are birthdays handled?

Due to food allergies, feel free to celebrate your child’s birthday by sending in something special in your child’s lunch, but class parties and food treats are not permitted. Some send non-food treat bags, but they are distributed at the end of the day. The school policy is that you are always able to feed your child, but not other children in the classroom.


My child has a food allergy. How is that handled?

DIS has an excellent track record of accommodating students with food allergies. Please contact the school nurse for any necessary medications and having a medical plan on file. If the classroom accommodations need to be made, please contact the administration prior to starting school. Some classrooms at DIS are designated nut free and there is a nut free table in the cafeteria.


Do Kindergarten students get a snack or a nap?

Kindergarten parents provide shared snacks for the whole class on a schedule provided by the teacher. A list of approved snacks is sent home at the beginning of the year with the schedule. Kindergarten students do not nap during the school day, but teachers do provide downtime for the students in the afternoon as needed.


Can I park in the fire/carpool lane in the middle of the day?

If you are running in to grab your child you may park in the front but don’t park there to stay. Instead park in the front spaces if you’re leaving before 2pm. If leaving after 2pm park on the Walker B side of the building (side furthest away from the public library. Don’t get caught in carpool line, parked in the front spots or driving in Walker B parking lot during dismissal—you will get blocked in. In the Walker parking lots, if dismissal has started, put your car in park and wait for all students to clear the lot before driving away.


Do I need a carpool number to drop off in the morning?

No, anyone can drop off in the morning carpool line. It is very quick so prep your child to get out of the car when a teacher approaches the door. Parents STAY IN THE CAR!


I live too far to walk but don’t want to wait in the carpool line. What can I do?

A majority of DIS families bike to school. You may also opt to park near the school and walk up to the Walker A or B entrances to wait for your child. Do not walk into the carpool area.


Where do lost items like lunchboxes and jackets go?

If they are lost outside the classroom lost items are placed on tables outside the cafeteria where students walk by each day. At the end of each month these items are donated. It is your responsibility to look for lost items. Label all items so your child can find their stuff!


What after school activities are available?

There are a variety of activities available after school. Some clubs meet after school weekly for just a month or two, and notification about those come home in Wednesday folders or email communication from the school. Attend the Back to School Celebration on August 15th from 5:30-7 behind the school, and learn more about both school sponsored and community based after school activities.


How can I volunteer at DIS? What do I need to do?

Any volunteer who has exposure to students (including classroom volunteers or field trip chaperones) must register at bcsdvolunteers.com EVERY YEAR! PTA Volunteer forms are available in the front office. These opportunities include monthly volunteering or one-time events. In school volunteers may help by reading in classrooms or help with photocopying and Wednesday folders, for example.


What are Wednesday folders?

All students receive all graded papers back once a week in their Wednesday folders. All important school communications are also included. Club information will come through Wednesday folders. Please review each Wednesday and sign the log provided.


What is Info Snap?

An online registration that every family, new or returning, must complete. It includes, amongst other things, emergency contact information.


What is Parent Portal/PowerSchool?

A resource for all parents with specific records of your child’s grades, absences, etc. A login may be obtained through the front office. It can be accessed online or through their app.


I’ve heard about Chromebook usage at DIS. What are the details of this program?

All students grades 3-8 are provided a district-owned device. Starting in 3rd  grade, those devices may be brought home using a district supplied protective backpack after parents have attended training and signed a usage agreement. Parents may also choose to supply their child with a personally owned Chromebook and then students may use their own backpacks. PTA Platinum members have the option to receive a Chromebook as a benefit of their membership.




What if my child needs to take medication at school?

Please contact Nurse Cohen cohena@bcsdschools.net Medication must be signed in and out by a parent or guardian.  Students may not transport medication at any time.


Can the school give my child Tylenol or Motrin or any over the counter medication?
The school can not give any medications unless they are brought in by the parent and an over the counter medication form is signed.


Will medications be left in the clinic over the summer?
Medications will be discarded on the last day of school if they are not picked up.  They must be signed out by the parent.


Can I come to school and give my child medication?
Medications may be given to the child during school by the parent in the health clinic.

All 7th graders are required to have a Tdap vaccine before starting school. Please provide the school with an updated immunization form when complete.




When do we sign up?

You can sign up at any time and pay when the child starts.

What other after school activities are available?

There are a variety of activities available after school.  Some clubs meet after school weekly for just a month or two and notification about those come home in the Wednesday folders or email communication from the school – www.bcsdschools.net/domain/3200