Island of Lights Luminary Event
Sunday, December 3rd from 6-8:30 pm

A special night when our Island comes together to celebrate community. Homes and businesses throughout town light luminaries and place them along their sidewalks and walkways to connect neighbor-to-neighbor and street-to-street.


Get out and walk or bike the island on Sunday, December 3rd to enjoy the 6th Annual Island of Lights event! This event’s purpose is not only to kick off the holiday season, but to encourage the community to get outside, visit with each other, see the rest of our beautifully community, and maybe be rewarded for it all!

Simply submit a family photo of you all out walking, biking, and/or seeing the luminaries! Submit your family picture per below instructions to within 24 hours and winners will be randomly chosen from the submissions.

Grand Prize – The winning family will receive a Chromebook courtesy of the DIS PTA!

5 Additional Prizes – $20 Spirit Store credit for upcoming spirit store sale!

Want more chances to win? Submit additional photos using the photo suggestions below. Each additional photo that uses the details below provides submissions of your name for more chances to win!

Additional Photos:

· Get a Park Business Sponsor sign in your photo background

· Get a family picture with your own luminaries in the background

· Get a picture of 5 houses in a row with luminaries

· Get a Neighborhood/Street/Park Sign in your photo background

· Get another family in the picture with you

· Get a picture of your family playing on playground equipment

· Get a Business Sponsor storefront in your photo background

· Get a picture in front of Daniel Island School

· Get a picture with the Hudson Nissan cars in Smythe Park

Join the fun!

Luminary Kit Instructions
 Fold down top of each white bag, twice (about 2 inches). This will make the bag sturdier and will prevent the bag from flapping and catching fire.
 Pour 1 cup (8 – 10 oz.) of sand into the bottom of each bag.
 Place 1 candle in the sand in the middle of the bag (make sure wick is standing up).
 Bags should be placed about 5 feet apart along the curb. Long-neck lighters/grill lighters are recommended for lighting the candles.
 Have bags placed along the curb in front of your house and candles lit by 6:00pm. Do not fill bags before Sunday afternoon as the sand moisture will cause the bags to tear.
 Be responsible when displaying bags – bags should be placed only on concrete/road near curb far away from anything that could catch fire. Be aware of blowing leaves, dangling tree limbs, etc.
 Please park all cars off the street so that all luminaries are visible.
 At 8:30pm, extinguish all lit candles and remove bags from your curb.
 Feel free to help clean up any common space/parks after 8:30.
 Enjoy the beautiful evening with your neighbors and friends!
 If your luminary kit is missing a bag or candle, stop by the DIS School Bus Loop on Saturday (12/2) from 9:30-11 or there will be a supply box with extra bags and candles located behind the school on Sunday.
 Rain Date: Monday, Dec. 4th